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a much-needed explanation.

For the small amount of people wondering “what the heck is going on with Acanthity?” I owe you all an explanation! A serious, big time explanation.

So, like many webcomics, Acanthity started as a stupid story I had in highschool that I abandoned. It was a lot different and frankly, pretty terrible. A little more than a year ago, I told Ellen about it, and we thought, hey, this has potential, we just have to change EVERYTHING. So we did just that! We designed a wealth of characters and came up with pretty much the whole plot, roughly, over the course of a year. I’ve never had a long term project that I’ve felt so completely dedicated to before, and we’re both pretty attached to the characters.
Actually working on a comic, though, was a lot more difficult than we imagined. It’s probably like this for most people starting a webcomic for the first time. We thought we had everything perfectly planned out and organized, but I guess things are never that simple!
It really started to sink in just how much work we had ahead of us. This is a LONG story, and it will undoubtedly take months and months (in fact, very likely YEARS) to complete.
Ellen and I have recently decided that Ellen will be finishing her work on the current scene, after which point I will be continuing the comic itself on my own. (Up until this point, the comic has been a collaboration, in which Ellen drew the pages and I did the writing and color). Ellen will always be considered a co-creator of sorts, and will still be drawing things related to the comic from time to time!
The actual process of creating a comic this long is a really demanding, drawn out process, but I’m really dedicated to the idea, the characters and the story and want to do them the absolute best justice I can.
So… the visual style will be changing, and I will probably be doing the rest of the comic in ink/watercolor. It’s quite a shift, and I apologize profusely for the inconsistancy, in addition to how slow we’ve been in updating. Well, now at least you know the reason for the recent absence of updates.
I really enjoyed collaborating on Acanthity with Ellen and I truly hope my continuation of the project will live up to her amazing work! We will return with updates sometime after Otakon, and I’ll probably try to get a buffer of pages built up for the next scene to keep the updates on a good schedule. To those of you that still express interest in Acanthity, thank you for sticking around and being so patient with us! We’ll be back soon.

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