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First scene is up... FINALLY!
Now just a couple more things to keep in mind! We'll be updating a new page every friday. This week we'll be updating the new page early since we'll be away at Anime Boston, but after that we'll be back to regularly scheduled updates.
Oh yeah, and look forward to some actual dialogue and the appearance of our grumpy main protagonist very soon.
This is all about to make a lot more sense. (We hope!)
Also, the layout of the site as it is now is temporary. We'll be revamping it as soon as we can and adding character bios and whatnot. LOTS TO LOOK FORWARD TO.
For now, hope you guys enjoy! We're really excited about Acanthity and we hope you are too!
(P.S. sorry to start on such a sad note. RIP, Ridge. Soon, you will know more about him. You will know more about everyone.)

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