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Bonus comic!! Go see!

Hey guys! It's a bit of a wacky week because we'll be at Anime Boston all weekend, SO! In place of normal updates this week, I did a bonus comic exploring some backstory stuff... because we looove you!!!! I figured this was probably the best time to post that, because Ridge. Well.
Hope you all aren't too thrown off by the different style; Ellen normally draws the pages and I do color/writing. We figure for bonus stuff we can leave a little room for experimentation, anyway. For now we'll be posting the bonus comics in the same place as the rest even though it's separate from the actual plotline, until we can properly improve the layout.
So, hope you all enjoy it, and for those of you in the area, come say hi to us at the Anime Boston artist alley! If anyone actually knows about Acanthity already, we'll probably start crying happy tears and stuff. YEAH!

We'll be back to the
main comic, and regularly scheduled weekly updates, on friday next week. Get ready for a scene change!

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