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Update schedule change and other news!

Hi everyone,
As you might have gathered from our tendency to just BARELY make the deadline of our friday updates, Ellen and I have been struggling to get our pages done in time since we both have classes going on all week. So, we've decided to change our updates to saturday instead, which should help a bit with that! We're still new to this webcomic stuff, so I guess a little bit of chaos and a few bumps at the beginning are to be expected. We apologize for that and thank you guys for putting up with us! We're going to get better at this, and especially once the school year ends we'll be able to focus a lot more of our time on Acanthity. Our summer update schedule will probably be more frequent (likely at least 2 pages per week!)
Oh yeah, and while I'm at it I should also mention that for the sake of our sanity, we're going to take a 2-week break on updates the week after next due to crazy RISD finals. (Our finals are later than everyone elses', I know, RISD is weird like that)
On the plus side, though, the main thing that's going to be taking up our time is a big animation project that the two of us are collaborating on, which is very Acanthity-related! So we'll definitely have something to show for it. And after that, it'll be summer, which means moooore comicing!

Thanks for reading Acanthity. New page tomorrow!


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